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Customer Testimonials

" Rowena Rose George is the best fur designer in the northeastern region, best personality and a wonderful person to meet as a friend. Many blessing to you & family. "

- Rowena Rose - Newark NJ

" April Raven Robbins-Bobyn There's nobody better than George A Furs. George is a true craftsman in the fur industry. He is such a wonderful person. He's reliable, stands behind his product and truly professional. That's why he's been my sole furrier for over 25 years, why go anywhere else? "

- April Raven Robbins-Bobyn, Bronx, NY

" Exzora Bey-Brown George A Furs, and I along with my families and friends, have been in the furriers relationship for more then 30 years. He is a great designer, and teacher in the fur industry. He will provide fur education, that his customer may be knowledgeable in choosing the right furs.

He is professional and reliable, and stand behind his products. He is a great family man and friend. My family and I are ever so grateful for him and his lovely wife, who came to visit us doing the lost of our sister Lucille, 2006.

Three reason to visit George A Furs. 1. The most innovative and inspiring designs are showcased in his mind, seeing how tomorrow's world of furs are already taking shape in today world. 2. You will be transformed into the centre of the design worked including workshops, exhibitions, and creative activities, all about furs. 3. Most artists and designers will not open doors of their studios giving visitors a opportunity to peek behind their scenes, but George will. Make your way over to George A Furs and workshop. For example, to see where his iconic products are made. And don't forget to have him to design one of his fabulous fur coat, jacket, vest, hat, muff, or whatever to take home with you. "

- Exzora Bey-Brown - Florida 

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